19 January 2007

The Wife Strikes Again

Caroline won another race last weekend -- this time, the (wonderful!) 2nd Annual Little River Trail Run. Along the way, she managed to set a new course record (1:07:20) for the technically demanding 9-mile stretch. Good friend and fellow Fleet Feet team member, Sarah Hallenbeck, finished just behind Caroline in second place. Congratulations to them both! An excerpt from the Race Director's Report:

Equally amazing were the top three women, Caroline Blatti, Sarah Hallenbeck, and Allison Peters. The women's course record was 1:07:35. After the men's results, all bets were off as to how quickly the first woman would come out of the woods. I heard someone yell, "there she is!" It was Caroline, making the loop around the field and breaking the course record by 15 seconds, finishing in a blistering 1:07:20. Sarah was just a minute behind her at 1:08:22, with Allison finishing third in 1:11 flat. A fast day, indeed.

The Chapel Hill News covered the race in a lengthy article here.

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poppy said...

That's our girl!