18 January 2007

Online Conference in Aesthetics

This celebration of the 25th anniversary of Arthur Danto's groundbreaking, The Transfiguration of the Commonplace promises to be a wonderful online conference. Discussions will kick off next Monday, January 22.

Additional details here:

Most recent discussions of Danto's work have focused either on his art criticism or his historical claims about the end of art. This conference aims to focus instead on topics raised by Danto’s earlier work. Papers might take several approaches, including:

1. Critical discussion of Danto's arguments in Transfiguration.
2. Comparisons of Danto's philosophy of art to that of others, whether within or outside the analytic or Western traditions.
3. Explorations of questions raised or left open by Danto’s book.
4. Specific discussions of the Transfiguration’s continued relevance within aesthetics or its application to particular arts (painting, music, literature, dance, etc.).

The conference, to be presented online in January 2007, will feature papers from scholars in philosophy, art history, and other fields impacted by Danto’s work. Keynote papers will be offered by Richard Shusterman (Philosophy, Florida Atlantic) and David Carrier (Art History, Case Western). Professor Danto will close the conference with a response to the papers presented.

The program can be found here.

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