05 November 2007

King Tut ... How'd you get so funky?

The face of Pharaoh Tutankhamen is displayed in a climate-controlled case at his tomb in the Valley of the Kings, close to Luxor, 500 kilometres south of Cairo, 04 November 2007. The true face of ancient Egypt's boy king Tutankhamun was revealed today to the public for the first time since he died in mysterious circumstances more than 3,000 years ago. The pharaoh's mummy was moved from its ornate sarcophagus in the tomb where its 1922 discovery caused an international sensation to a nearby climate-controlled case where experts say it will be better preserved. By Cris Bouroncle / AFP / Getty. [HT: The Daily Dish] (And here's the story, in case you missed it.)

But what the researchers have yet to discover is that King Tut was a sax player too! Indeed: "He coulda won a Grammy / Buried in his jammies."