10 April 2007

Waits in Buenos Aires

Tom Waits attended the Festival Bafici in Buenos Aires this past weekend. Apparently, he performed "You Can Never Hold Back Spring" (from the recent Roberto Benigni film, La Tigre E La Neve) as well as the crowd-favorite "Tom Traubert's Blues." Lousy recordings of these performances can be found via a quick search on YouTube.

The following clip isn't all that swell either, but, if you can make it out, the story of fronting for Frank Zappa is worth a listen:

Incidentally, if you've never seen the wonderfully stylized opening to La Tigre E La Neve, in which Waits performs "You Can Never Hold Back Spring," check it out:

I love the clarinetest sitting in the wheelchair with the rainbow blanket over his legs: classic.

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