21 April 2007

London is the Place for Me

Life has been extraordinarily hectic recently, hence the quiet. Throughout it all, I've occasionally found myself day-dreaming of London, which in turn put me in mind of the wonderful tune, "London Is The Place For Me," by the "Grandmaster of Calyso," Lord Kitchener (1922-2000).

But when I searched YouTube for some video of Kitch, there was very little to be found. The best footage I uncovered -- in some ways, better than what I went in search for -- was this sixth-former's marvelous stop-motion animation video.

P.S. It turns out that another hero, the great Australian folk singer Paul Kelly, has posted a spin-off on this tune, riffing on the life and times of the enfant terrible of world cricket, Shane Warne. Here's what PK says:

Hi all -

I was watching this year's Sydney Ashes test on TV around the same time as listening to Lord Kitchener's (aka Aldwyn Roberts) great calypso song London Is The Place For Me. The Kitchener tune suggested to me a new set of lyrics based on the adventures of Shane Warne.

My friend, Andy Doherty, filmed the live recording of the song at my place with Sian Prior playing clarinet and Ray Pereira on congas and djembe. Adam Rhodes engineered it in the shed.

Paul Kelly
Feb 2007

Check it out:

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poppy said...

LOVED the stop-motion animation video!!