09 February 2007

Philosophy from the Cradle

In my experience, the Scots are typically a step (or several) ahead on most matters of importance. More grist for the mill from the BBC:

Nursery Pupils Taught Philosophy
BBC News
5 February 2007

Children as young as four are being taught philosophy in nursery, BBC Scotland has learned. The Clackmannanshire Council initiative is believed to be the first run by a local authority in Britain. New research from Dundee University suggests learning philosophy raises children's IQ by up to 6.5 points and improves their emotional intelligence.


semiophile said...

No matter how dubious (in a well-intentioned way) this all sounds (I mean, does it all have to boil down to the comparison of IQ levels?), I still think it's a great idea! It's never too early to question one's existence!!! *kidding* (No, really, I think it's great)

That said, your blog's great too! How fresh! How seemingly random! Yet still relevant.

De Dicto said...

Thanks, Semiophile! Stop by again ... and tell your friends.