02 February 2007

Cold War Kids

I’m proud to report that, for once, I was ahead of the curve. Somehow I stumbled upon the Cold War Kids five or six months back. (Here’s the proof.) Quite a bit more interesting than your usual chicken Caesar salad, they're something like a cross between Gomez and the Whitlams, with a lead singer, Nate Willett, who sounds rather like the guy from Starsailor. Anyway, I was pleased to see this feature in today’s Guardian:

Band on the Run
Friday February 2, 2007
The Guardian

Cold War Kids seem like nice, God-fearing chaps who would rather save their money than go out boozing. But when it comes to their songs, all hell breaks loose.

“The band confess a love of Tom Waits, the Velvet Underground and Billie Holiday …” Good taste. Anyway, here’s their video for a “Hang Me Up To Dry”:

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